Full Day Fitting



This is a full set fitting and it takes more than 2 hours.    You will get fitted for every aspect of your game.   We recommend this fitting for more experienced golfers (who have been playing for more than a year).


Hour 1

  • Golf club  evaluation from driver to putter
  • Interview
  • Driver fitting
  • Hybrid and Fairway wood fitting

BREAK for 30 minutes

Hour 2

  • Iron Fitting (lie angle included)
  • Wedge Fitting
  • Iron Yardage Gaping

BREAK for 30 minutes

Hour 3

  • Short game fitting with wedge
  • Putter Fitting
  • Set make up Recommendations

Fitting Session is finished


Duration: 150 minutes

Cost: Please contact us regarding this, we recommend to book on Saturdays


All reshafting or iron bending adjustments will take 3 days to complete

Please contact us for the cost of this Full Day Fitting