Who We Are

Accurate Fitting is the golf fitting center located in Jakarta.   We started our clubmaking services in 2008.               

Why us?  because we are golfers and we are golf equipment junkies.     We know what golfer needs and we help each other to create the best experience for golfers.      Additionaly,  we have formal training from the clubmaking school in the USA.    The training combined with our experience with golfers have helped us to understand more about the golf equipment technology.  

Do you need fitting?   Absolutely.   There is nothing more stressful than buying a brand new golf clubs and then when you finally hit it, it is not performing as you expected.    You need golf Equipments that meet your golf skills and golf swing DNA.      Therefore, our motto has been:

An indian cannot shoot straight with a broken arrow

To have a fitting session with us, we require you to make a booking or an appointment.    And please make an appointment ahead, at least 3 days before your desired date and time.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon.   Happy golfing!