Frequently Asked Question

Q: How long does a fitting session take?

A: From 1 to 2 hours each time


Q: Do you have custom shafts to try?

A: Yes, our fitting cart has a demo shaft with a variety of models and specifications with different weight and flex


Q: Do you have a complete fitting tools?

A: We have about 20 different tools from Swing weight scale to a frequency analyzer.


Q: Who perform the fitting session to clients?

A: A Professional clubfitter with international training and certification.  Yes they went to a clubfitting school.


Q: What launch monitor do you use for the fitting?

A: Professional grade Launch monitor.  The same class as a Trackman.   Accuracy of the data has been tested on the field with 98% accuracy for yardage and ball flight.


Q: Does the basic fitting include Lie Angle fitting?

A: Of course yes.   It’s an important fitting variable.   We designed this fitting service for new golfers and high handicap golfers above 21 handicap.  We also have a bending machine to bend the lie of the irons and wedges.


Q: Does a fitting session have a benefit other than buying a new custom shaft?

A: Yes there are many other benefits.  One of them is finding out your swing data such as Swing speed and launch angle.   So when you buy a new golf club, you’ll know the specifications that you have to buy such as Loft, shaft flex, length, etc.


Q: Is the fitting session free if I buy a custom shaft?

A: No.   For a professional clubfitter (NOT a salesperson), the fitting itself is their work.  They have spent a big amount of cost for their training and life dedicated to this field.   All Professional clubfitters are paid by an hourly rate.    We do not force our clients into buying a shaft after the fitting has been completed.


Q: Do you fit junior golfers?

A: Yes. We fit children and teenagers aged from 10 to 18 years old.