We provide the following full fitting services:

Basic Fitting

  • basic fitting for new and high handicap golfers (21 handicap or more)
  • Driver fitting with a launch monitor
  • Iron Fitting with a launch monitor (lie angle included)
  • Putter Fitting
  • Duration: 1 hour

Golf Swing Analysis

  • get data of your golf swing (focus on your swing rather than your ball flight)
  • Get your swing plane, clubface angle, golf swing speed and smash factor data
  • fix a swing flaw quick and accurately
  • Swing plane is the common mistakes of average golfers
  • Duration: 1 hour

Driver Advanced Fitting

  • For golfers with handicap below 21
  • Full fitting cart fitting with different shaft combinations
  • Find your optimal trajectory with our Launch monitor
  • Shaft profiling
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Iron Lie Angle Fitting

  • Check your iron and wedge lie angle
  • We can adjust the lie angle using a bending machine
  • Duration: 1 hour

Full Set Fitting Program

  • this fitting program is a one month evaluation of Full Set (from woods to putter)
  • You get fit for the first time and then we follow your progress for a month
  • After a month of use, you get fit again
  • Duration: 120 minutes x 2 (2 sessions)

The Fee and cost of these services  is the professional clubfitter hourly rate.  Please contact us regarding our fee.

We have other services such as Repairing broken shaft, extending club length, reshafting for woods and irons.  Please contact us for more specific information regarding the service.

For all questions regarding our fitting service, you can read our Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ).

Here is our fitting service comparison: